Sunday, June 4, 2017

Accessory maker accuses Essential of trademark infringement

Not long after Essential has announced its first smartphone, the company already has its first trademark dispute on its hands. Smartphone accessory and case maker Spigen asked Andy Rubin, Android founder, who revealed the $699 'Essential' smartphone earlier this week, to stop using the "Essential" mark.

Spigen's lawyers sent a cease and desist letter in which they reference the fact that the Essential phone had its trademark application denied two times already by the US Trademark and Patent Office. The reason behind this negative response being the fact that Spigen already has trademarked its Essential sub-brand. Spigen has been using the name Essential under which it sells different accessories for phones as well as battery packs. The company believes that there will be a confusion between Essential phone and its Essential sub-brand.

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The accessory maker's legal team threatened to take "any and all actions to protect Spigen's marks" if the smartphone maker won't stop using the term "Essential" by June 15th. The whole situation will most likely not be a major obstacle Andy Rubin. Although the smartphone company doesn't agree with Spigen, according to tech analysts the company will most likely try to pay Spigen in order to be able to use the Essential name.

Monday, May 28, 2007

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